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Custom Software

Lighthouse PC offers computer programming services to suit your business needs. We have written small utilities for companies to complete business management systems that are integrated with vendors and web applications.

A few examples of our work include:

  • Curriculum design software
  • Document imaging software
  • Payroll bureau software
  • Accounts receivable modules
  • Legacy conversion processes
  • Insurance customer and account management
  • Manufacturing product quoting software
  • Call center software
  • Employee attendance systems
  • Knowledgebase software
  • Inventory database systems
  • And More!


Our Microsoft certified developer has over 15 years of experience developing custom software applications to meet your complex business needs.  Technologies include hardware interfaces, MySQL databases, Access databases, Visual Basic development, and multiple web platforms.

Why Hire Us?
Our Chief Developer has over 15 years of experience creating software applications.  What separates us from the competition is an understanding of business processes.  Hiring a computer programmer to write software only gets you so far.  Hiring someone who understands business processes and the need for efficiency is the difference between a computer program and an instrumental component in your business.
Aren't you a small business?
Lighthouse PC, Inc. is a small business.  With that comes personal attention and no corporate run-around.  We also are able to handle larger projects with a great deal of expertise through a network of software developers and website designers.  No matter the size of your project, we can deliver while maintaining the personal service you deserve!


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