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Site design rules

Navigation rules

• Three click rule
• Left side or top
• Easy to read
• Always have a home button. Customers should always be able to retrace their steps.

Image rules

Use the smallest image possible to convey the meaning and enhance the web experience. We must remember that not all of your customers have high speed internet. With that in mind, we need to keep page download times to a minimum. Each image must have a description as well. This will allow users that may not view images understand what your site is trying to convey.

Easy to use environments

We really follow the keep it simple mentality when developing sites and software. Complicated designs frustrate users. Frustrated users/customers do not return. Providing easy to use interfaces that are intuitive or require minimal training are our specialty!

Keeping audience in mind

Consider the education level of your audience. Consider the age and technology usage among your customers. What can you do to provide an environment that is best suited for them?

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